Kansas City Card Expo

Kansas City Card Expo

This past weekend we had the opportunity to set up a few tables at the Kansas City Card Expo in Lee’s Summit Missouri. We had a great experience meeting lots of new people in the area, and of course giving everyone great deals on wax and singles. The card show was around 200 tables and lasted 2 days, Friday and Saturday. Below are our thoughts and experiences with setting up at the card show.

At the show we had the pleasure of meeting Jason Dardick, Chief Operating Officer at DCI Grading. Jason helped us understand some of the grades on cards that we thought about sending off, and gave us a unique perspective on the Hobby. He was extremely knowledgeable, and we will for sure use DCI Grading in our future. If you’re looking to grade some of your collection and you want quick, affordable, and honest feedback, check out DCI Grading! 

When I attend a card show, there are a few things I’m looking for. I’m always trying to build my collection, trying to find some of the guys in my personal collection to hold on to forever. I’m always looking for a good deal, who doesn’t love a deal? Trying to find something that I can make a profit on, to then re-invest that money into something new. I’m also looking for something that I’ve never seen before. Maybe it’s a card or maybe it’s a jersey. This weekend a dealer was selling some Lebron James memorabilia. He had an artwork piece signed by Lebron James, with a ball breaking out of the frame. It was one of the cooler pieces at the show, and a cool find for any Lebron fan. 

At card shows, there’s always buying and selling. Dealers will constantly buy and sell inventory to the customers walking around at a show. What is really fun though, is trading. Trading is great because both parties can benefit from a deal. For us, trading was very common at this show. People walking around had cards that they wanted to trade out of for cash, or maybe a bigger card. We were able to help them get out of stale inventory to get into something new. We were able to pick up some really cool cards through trades this weekend, without letting go of cash. We picked up multiple cards, a Tom Brady 1/1, a James Bouknight 1/1 fast break auto, and a Mike Trout patch auto /5. 

Overall, the card show was a great experience. We made a lot of deals, picked up new singles and boxes, and met a ton of awesome people. If you’re in the Kansas City area, I highly recommend attending the show or even setting up as a dealer at the show. We’ll definitely be back in June, for the second show of the year. Special shoutout to a few people that made the show awesome, I’ll tag their socials down below be sure to give them a follow! 

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