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2022 Leaf Pro Set Metal Football Hobby Box

2022 Leaf Pro Set Metal Football Hobby Box

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Condition: Factory Sealed

Sport: Football

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2022 Leaf Pro Set Metal Football Hobby Box

Each Box contains Five Autograph Cards!

Leaf is pleased to announce the return of an enhanced 2022 Pro Set Metal Football. This release not only celebrates the venerable Pro Set brand but introduces three new Super Short print chase elements.

Look For:

- College Connection Dual Autograph Cards: Look for dual signed cards featuring those with "College Connections". Every card is a 1/1 from one of the color/foil variations!!!!

- Lit Autograph Cards: These cards are LIT without question. Featuring top names in the draft/college football, only 25 of each exist with ZERO Parallels!!!!

- Lit AF Autograph Cards: As the name suggests (ask a teenager if you don't know what this means), this set is outrageously cool. Only 5 of each exist, No Parallels!